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Professor Afshin Mansouri

Eastern Gateway 202d

Research supervision

PhD completions as first supervisor:

  • Dr Ruoqi Geng (Completed June 2017), Winner of Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Research, and Dean's Prize for Innovation and Impact in Doctoral Research. Thesis topic: An Investigation of the Adoption of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in the Manufacturing Sector in Asian Emerging Economies: Guanxi, Antecedents and Performance. First job after PhD: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Operations Management, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK.
  • Dr Jennifer Bealt (Completed March 2017), Thesis topic: Investigating Alternative Logistics Structures in Times of Crisis: An Exploration of Collaborative Aid Networks and their Impacts on Humanitarian Operations in Post-Earthquake Nepal. First job after PhD: Research Associate in the Humanitarian and Conflict Research Institute, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, UK.
  • Dr Salman Ali Shehab (Completed February 2017). Thesis topic: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability of Healthcare Facilities: A System Dynamics Analysis Approach. 
  • Dr Mohammed Nashar (Completed February 2016). Thesis title: Mitigating Demand Uncertainty through Supply Chain Strategies: The Case of Food SMEs in the Hajj Phenomenon. Continued with 
  • Dr Can Eksoz (Completed June 2014). Thesis title: Improving Collaborative Forecasting Performance in the Food Supply Chain. First job after PhD: Demand & Supply Planning Lead, Transmed, UAE.
  • Dr Wael Hadid (Completed May 2014), Winner of Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Research. Thesis title: The Relationship between Lean Service, Activity-Based Costing and Business Strategy and Their Impact on Performance. First job after PhD: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Management Accounting, Sheffield University Management School, The University of Sheffield, UK.