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Dr Cigdem Sengul

Dr Cigdem Sengul
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Research area(s)

Internet of Things, Security and Privacy, Personal Data Protection. 

Research Interests

While we think the Internet mostly composed of traditional computers and networks, this view cannot withstand the evolution of technologies such as the Internet of Things. Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a "system of interconnections between digital technologies and physical objects that enable (traditionally mundane) objects to exhibit computing properties and interact with another with or without human intervention."  As IoT, interactive technologies such as augmented reality, and personalised digital experience with, e.g. wearable devices mature, we will have more "ambient computing" with tight integration between human and technology. Complemented with advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, these systems will have a powerful impact on society.

Internet-based technologies have been transformational creating value and enabling progress in many ways, but it is important to acknowledge the potential of real harms if the rights and safety of people are not protected. Therefore, my research is on trustworthy systems which provide higher degrees of trust for service providers and their users by improving the transparency, accountability, and controllability of the Internet at the network and applications level. The goal is to create systems that are not a "black box" to their users, but systems with transparency, accountability, and controllability properties.

Creating trustworthy systems requires solving a wide range of cross-disciplinary challenges, for instance in the fields of digital ethics, privacy-enhancing technologies, computer systems, networks and their security, business and education. My main areas of work focus on:- Internet of Things: From Device to Edge, and Cloud- Security, Privacy and Trust by Design- Citizen-centricity and citizen-driven solutions for smart systems- Real experimentation, deployments, open platforms


Trust in Home: Rethinking Interface Design in IoT (THRIDI)
Funder: Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Duration: May 2020 - March 2021