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Dr Cigdem Sengul

Dr Cigdem Sengul
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science


I am the module leader for CS2001 - Year 2 Project.  I also supervise FYP Projects.

If you would like to do an FYP project with me, here are my interests informed my teaching, research and service. My research area is on the Internet of Things, with an emphasis on privacy and security. Lately, I’ve been contributing to the standardisation efforts in access control for constrained environments in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).  I also work on physical computing for teaching networking, e.g. with BBC micro:bits. Finally, I am the Athena SWAN chair, and equality and diversity champion and would be interested in exploring computing projects that aim to improve diversity. 

I would be interested in supervising projects with any of the following elements: 

  • Security in IoT 
  • Data protection and privacy especially in IoT 
  • Physical-computing for computer science education. 
  • Networks simulation, and data analysis 

Example project ideas  

Privacy and Data Protection 

  • Automatic user privacy policy generation based on user consent 
  • Scenario exploration games to learn from user privacy sensitivities in smart homes (something like 

Education with Physical Computing 

  • Radio-based games for networking or AI education with BBC micro:bits 

IoT, Computer Networks and Security 

  • The implementation of encrypted publish-subscribe group communication as described in the  IETF ACE Pub-Sub profile  
  • Securing MQTT for Sensor Networks (MQTT-SN) based on the IETF ACE (Authentication and Authorization in Constrained Environments) framework 


  • Analysis of Gender Diversity in Wikipedia using data pulled from WikiMedia API. 

Happy to talk to students about their own ideas. 

Courses taught

  • Level 2 Group Project (CS2001)
    Level: Second year
    Date: September 2020 - March 2021