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David Bell


I am Lecturer in Pervasive Informatics in the Department of Computer Science at Brunel University London, UK, where I lead a group project module on mobile device development and innovation. I am a member of The Human Centred Design Institure, the Centre for Intelligent Data Analysis (CIDA) - Digital Innovation Research Group.

Research area(s)



Research interests

The realisation of a “liquid” network of software services and mobile, web-connected devices requires new engineering approaches in order to create appropriate software platforms; intelligently integrating future internet technologies with a web of pervasive data and devices. Research interests lie at the interface between software, ubiquitous hardware and the human users in development of new forms of data-driven interaction and marketplaces that use use Cloud for scale, big data for intelligence and semantic technologies for modelling.  I typically use design science methods and simulation to:

1. Identify software architectures that (re-)combine data, hardware and software “on-the-fly” to perform requested tasks and dynamically adapt to the “place” of use.
2. Uncover and react to contextual indicators extracted from underlying software in use, devices in motion and data trails as users and systems collaborate, collide and conduct business.
3. Develop intelligent software that is able to support dynamic decision making; utilising computational approaches with an embedded awareness of associated social/machine interactions.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

I hold a PhD in Computing from Brunel University London where my research investigated the use of grid and semantic technology to enable the dynamic (re-)use of software services.

2013-15: Tools for evaluation around point of care testing (Tea-PoCT) (TSB £350K PI)
Myself and Professor Terry Young have received £350K of funding from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to investigate how novel mobile and Web based knowledge platforms are able to support the economic modelling and co-design of medical diagnostic devices.  The project is titled TEA-PoCT (Tools for evaluation around point of care testing) and will extend models developed by the MATCH Programme (www.match.ac.uk) with collaborators at the University of Birmingham.

2013-16: Digital Personhood: Digital Prosumer — Establishing a ‘Futures Market’ for Digital Personhood Data (EPSRC £850K CI)

Professor Panos Louveiris and I (with Dr. Audrey Guinchard from the University of Essex) have received £850K of funding from the EPSRC to investigate how novel trading platforms are able to facilitate the use of personal data.  The project is titled Digital Personhood: Digital Prosumer — Establishing a ‘Futures Market’ for Digital Personhood Data and will involve the design and implementation of the legal, technical and business underpinnings for such ventures.

2013-2014: Interactive Social Experience Engine (iSEE) for History and Heritage - A Dorset Prehistoric Feasibility Study (TSB £66K PI)

A multi-disciplinary team from Brunel University London and Dorchester County Museum have received £66K of funding from the TSB to explore innovative methods of software development that combine mobile device sensing and experience programming.  The project aims to create a new platform for experience development, localised business models and smartphone apps.

Research group(s)



I am the Undergraduate Level 3 Co-ordinator and lead the “Made-in-Brunel (Software Innovation” student-industry event.  I teach on the following modules:

CS2001 BSc Group Project (Mobile development and data science)
CS3005 BSc Digital Media and Games
CS55CC MSc High Performance Computational Infrastructures (incl NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark)

Research supervision

Semantic Web Research

Azhar Jassal is applying the tools of the Semantic Web to Search, BigData and E-business,  Zainb Dawod is investigating how adaptive special needs educational systems can benefit from Semantic Web technology.  Chidozie Mgbemena is investigating the integration of social media and sensor big data in a Business Intelligence context. Nidaa Al-Subhi is exploring how mobile historic experience development can utilise semantic web technologies.

Web based Collaborative Innovation

Sara Robarty is investigating market based e-procurement and Muneer Nusir is investigating co-design of e-Government services.

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Alfaries, A. , Bell, D.  and Lycett, M.   (2013)   'Motivating service re-use with a web service ontology learning'. International Journal of Web Information Systems, 9 (3).  pp. 219 - 241. doi: 10.1108/IJWIS-12-2012-0035 

Kashefi, A. , Bell, D.  and Abbott, P.   (2012)   'The influences of employees' emotions and cognition on IT adoption: Some perspectives from Iran'. International Journal of Social and Organizational Dynamics in IT (IJSODIT), 2 (3).  pp. 1 - 16. doi: 10.4018/ijsodit.2012070101 

Bell, D. , Lycett, M. , de Cesare, S.  and Taylor, SJE.   (2012)   'Service-oriented simulation using web ontology'. Int. J. of Simulation and Process Modelling, 7 (3).  pp. 217 - 227. 

Robaty Shirzad, S.  and Bell, D.   (2013)   'A systematic literature review of flexible e-procurement marketplace'. Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research, 8 pp. 49 - 70. 

Robaty Shirzad, S.  and Bell, D.   (2012)   'Flexibility framework for assessing supplier selection'. International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, 2 (6).  pp. 483 - 487. doi: 10.7763/IJEEEE.2012.V2.168 Download publication 

Bell, D. , Mustafee, N. , de Cesare, S. , Lycett, M.  and Taylor, SJE.   (2008)   'Ontology engineering for simulation component reuse'. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 4 (4).  pp. 47 - 61. doi: 10.4018/jeis.2008100104 Download publication 

Bell, D. , de Cesare, S.  and Lycett, M.   (2007)   'Business grid services'. International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management, 5 (1).  pp. 23 - 38. doi: 10.1504/IJIEM.2007.011589 Download publication 

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Bell, D. , Ludwig, SA.  and Lycett, M.   (2007)   'Enterprise application reuse: semantic discovery of business grid services'. Information Technology and Management, 8 (3).  pp. 223 - 239. doi: 10.1007/s10799-007-0020-z Download publication 

Bell, D.  and Ludwig, SA.   (2005)   'Grid service discovery in the financial markets sector'. Journal of Computing and Information Technology, 13 (4).  pp. 265 - 270. 

Book chapters

Taylor, SJE. , Bell, D. , Mustafee, N. , de Cesare, S. , et al.  (2010)   'Semantic web services for simulation component reuse and interoperability: an ontology approach', in Gunasekaran, A.  and Shea, T. (eds.) Organizational Advancements through Enterprise Information Systems: Emerging Applications and Developments.  New York IGI Global pp. 336 - 352. Download publication 

Bell, D.  and Nguyen, T.  (2010)   'Proximal business intelligence on the semantic web', in Nelson, ML. , Shaw, MJ.  and Strader, TJ. (eds.) Sustainable e-Business Management: Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing.  Springer-Verlag (58) : pp. 145 - 159. Download publication 

Bell, D. , de Cesare, S.  and Lycett, M.  (2005)   'Semantic transformation of web services', in On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2005: OTM Workshops.  Berlin / Heidelberg Springer (3762) : pp. 856 - 865. Download publication 

Conference papers

Bell, D.  and Gana, L.   (2012)   'Algorithmic trading systems: A multifaceted view of adoption' . doi: 10.1109/HICSS.2012.93 

Dawod, Z.  and Bell, D.   (2011)   'Adaptive special educational needs (SEN) education on the semantic web' , UKAIS 2011 Conference and PhD Consortium. Oxford. 11 - 13 April. [unpublished].  

Bell, D.  and Odofin, S.   (2010)   'Ubiquitous information systems - understanding privacy concerns' , UKAIS Conference. Oriel College, Oxford University. [unpublished].  

Heravi, BR. , Bell, D. , Lycett, M.  and Green, SD.   (2010)   'Towards an ontology for automating collaborative business processes' . doi: 10.1109/EDOCW.2010.37 

Alfaries, A. , Bell, D.  and Lycett, M.   (2010)   'Ontology learning for semantic web services' , 14th Annual Conference of the UK Academy of Information Systems (UKAIS 2009). Oriel College, Oxford University. 23 - 24 March. [unpublished].  Download publication 

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Bell, D.   (2009)   'Ubiquitous Information Systems (UBIS): a design study of intelligent middleware and architecture' , UK Academy of Information Systems (UKAIS 2009). [unpublished].  

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