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Smart Technology Advancements for Health and Rehabilitation

The Centre has five domains of function to provide opportunities for research engagement, innovation and development, research-led learning within the University and wider industry links and external community and public engagement. 

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Academic network

  • Our inter-disciplinary group of researchers includes strong lab-based, behavioural and clinical expertise with experts in engineering technology and design, to test developments and apply these to health and rehabilitation. Our activities interface fundamental clinical and health sciences with technology for knowledge advancements and seminal publications.
innovation design

Innovation development

  • We utilise and pioneer new technologies to apply important discoveries made in the fundamental research domain to the needs of health, medicine and rehabilitation, building on current/previous successful projects of our members. We are driven by need for more efficient and affordable diagnostics and interventions to optimize health outcomes with outputs such as products, interventions or algorithms.
smart app design

Industry/NHS Digital AI

  • We aim to be a world-leading centre, expanding on national and international collaborations in industry and health to address priority challenges in digital health and rehabilitation and sustainable workforce, fit for the digital future. This will be demonstrated through grant applications/funding awards, industry links (health & med tech) and publications, prototypes and patents.
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Research clinic

  • Our research clinic provides a test bed for our innovations, including clinical pathway developments. The research clinic will enable practice-based collaborations for tech-embedded health opportunities and skill building for workforce development Integrated research and clinical placement experiences will contribute to research led learning and mentorship programmes.
patient involement

Patient and public involvement

  • Patient and public involvement in our research ensures activities and outputs are relevant and meaningful to the challenges communities face. We aim to engage with communities in multiple was through formal and informal activities, eg. Science Fairs, Hackathons, Public debates and co-production of research and policy documents. and undergraduate, research led learning.

Harnessing the power of digital and smart technologies for health and rehabilitation

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