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Dr Edwin Routledge
Divisional Lead/Reader - Environmental Sciences

Heinz Wolff 001A

Research supervision

Postdoctotal Researchers

09/11-10/12 Dr. David Ribe (EC for the benefit of SMEs)

05/00 - 05/12 Dr. Margaret-Mary Town (The Leverhulme Trust)

03/04 – 03/07 Dr. Richard Bannister (BBSRC)

Postgraduate Researchers

  • Frances Orton – Thesis entitled “Investigation into the effects of pesticides on amphibians”. Awarded PhD in 2008
  • Neil Clarke – Thesis entitled “Seasonal effects of treated sewage effluents upon the reproduction and development of European freshwater molluscs”. Awarded PhD in 2009.
  • Alice Baynes – Thesis entitled “Reproductive effects in two species of native freshwater gastropod mollusc exposed to 17β-oestradiol or an environmentally relevant mixture of oestrogenic chemicals in outdoor mesocosms”. Awarded PhD in 2010.
  • Rachel Benstead – Thesis entitled “The effects of the natural vertebrate steroid 17β-oestradiol and the xeno-biotic vertebrate oestrogen receptor agonist bisphenol-A on reproduction in selected temperate freshwater gastropods: the potential for (neuro-)endocrine disruption”. Awarded PhD in 2010
  • Satwant Kaur (PT) – The snail assay as an alternative to the rat Hershberger male rodent assay for the detection of androgens and anti-androgens. Awarded PhD in 2014
  • Adam Lynch – Does Pollution Affect Parasite Host Interactions? (2011-2014).
  • Elizabeth Lawton – Investigation of Health Effects Associated with Exposure to Direct Potable Reuse Drinking Water (2011-2014).
  • Giovanna Cossali – An Electrolytic Devise to Control Legionella (2011-2015).
  • Aji Peter – Development of an evidence-based risk management tool for legionella control in domestic water systems (2015 – 2018).