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Dr Edwin Routledge
Divisional Lead/Reader - Environmental Sciences

Heinz Wolff 001A


  • Module leader of Strategic Sustainable Development for students studying Masters in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design. Masters in Environmental Management, and Masters in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Management) which provides students with a framework needed to lead in complexity and enable organisations move strategically towards sustainability.
  • Module Leader for the 'Integrated Assessment' which requires students studying the Masters in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design to integrate Business, Design and Sustainability thiunking together to address a global challenge.
  • Module Leader of the 'Leadership for Sustainability' modules (Level 4 and 5)  dsigned to empower students studying the Environmental Sciences BSc and Global Challenges BA to undertake self-directed activities and research to help improve the environment.
  • Module Leader of 'Earth System Science' which teaches Level 4 undergraduate students how the earth system functions in an undisturbed state. 
  • Undergraduate (Level 4) field trip to Dorset includes a variety of activities designed to demonstrate how the physical environment affects biodiversity at different scales (using freshwater invertebrates and birds).  We also introduce the anthropocene by carying out a detailed survey of plastic pollution on a beach.