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Dr Eric Hirsch

Dr Eric Hirsch
Reader - Anthropology

Marie Jahoda 134

Research area(s)

  • History, historicity and landscape
  • Myth, personhood and ritual
  • Power and property relations
  • Papua New Guinea, Melanesia

Research Interests

Through my long-standing interest in the ethnography and history of Papua New Guinea and Melanesia I have focused on issues of historicity, landscape, power, and property relations. Of particular interest has been the relations between cosmology (myth and ritual) and that of historical experience where conventional ideas of history do not apply. Recent work has explored how a history that has more than one history in it can be told while also telling the story of the relation between worlds.

Research grants and projects

Project details


RAI-Leach Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme X 3, 2011-2016.

Property, transactions and creations: new economic relations in the Pacific. ESRC, 1999-2002 (Co-Investigator)