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Dr Eric Hirsch

Dr Eric Hirsch
Reader - Anthropology

Marie Jahoda 134


I initially trained as an engineer but later found that anthropology was what really interested me. LSE allowed me to do an MSc and I then carried on from there, pursuing doctoral research in Papua New Guinea (PNG) while working under the supervision of the late Alfred Gell. My initial research in the Papua highlands, among the Fuyuge, examined the connections between landscape, myth, power and ritual and their significance. I later came to supplement this work with historical research on colonial government and mission influences on the Fuyuge. My PNG research also brought me into close contact with Marilyn Strathern and the combined research she had conducted in Britain and PNG.


  • PhD Anthropology (LSE)
  • MSc Anthropology (LSE)
  • BSc Civil Engineering (Missouri)

Newest selected publications

Hirsch, EL. and Moretti, D. (2011) 'One past and many pasts: Varieties of historical holism in Melanesia and the West', in Otto, T. and Bubandt, N. (eds.) Experiments in Holism: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Anthropology. Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 279 - 298. ISBN 10: 1444351850. ISBN 13: 9781444351859.

Book chapter

Hirsch, EL. (2010) 'Property and persons: new forms and contests in the era of neoliberalism'. Annual Reviews in Anthropology, 39 (1). pp. 347 - 360. ISSN: 0084-6570

Journal article

Hirsch, EL. (2008) 'Disrupting the view, revealing the landscape', in Elwes, C. and Ball, S. (eds.) Figuring Landscapes: Artists' Moving Image from Australia and the UK. Afterall Publishing. ISBN 10: 1846380472. ISBN 13: 9781846380471.

Book chapter

Halstead, N., Hirsch, E. and Oxely, J. (2008) 'Knowing how to know: Fieldwork and the ethnographic present'. Oxford: Berghahn Books. ISSN 10: 1845454383 ISSN 13: 978-1845454388


Hirsch, EL. (2008) 'Knowing, not knowing, knowing anew', in Halstead, N., Hirsch, E. and Okely, J. (eds.) Knowing how to know: Fieldwork and the ethnographic present. Oxford : Berghahn Books. pp. 21 - 37. ISBN 10: 1845454774. ISBN 13: 9781845454777.

Book chapter
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