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Professor Eric Hirsch
Divisional Lead / Deputy Head of Department / Professor - Anthropology

Marie Jahoda 226


I initially trained as an engineer but later found that anthropology was what really interested me. I subsequently completed a PhD at the LSE based on fieldwork in Papua New Guinea.My intial research in the Papuan highlands was among the Fuyuge people and examined their ideas of landscape, myth, power and ritual and their mutual connections. I supplemented this work with historical research on colonial government and mission influences on the Fuyuge. Later research focused on the influences of a local mine and the effects of this on Fuyuge ideas of land ownership and cultural property.


  • PhD Anthropology (LSE)
  • MSc Anthropology (LSE)
  • BSc Civil Engineering (Missouri)

Newest selected publications

Rollason, W. and Hirsch, E. (2023) 'Introduction: Compliance: Politics, sociability and the constitution of collective life'.


Rollason, W. and Hirsch, E. (2023) 'Compliance: Cultures and networks of accommodation'. Berghahn Books. ISSN 13: 9781805392255


Hirsch, E. and Rollason, W. (2023) 'Conclusion: Striving for accommodation 'In the Middle of Things'', inCompliance: Cultures and Networks of Accommodation. pp. 208 - 213.

Book chapter

Hirsch, E. (2023) 'Domestication and personhood', in Hartmann, M. (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Media and Technology Domestication. London : Taylor & Francis. pp. 15 - 28. ISBN 10: 1000888851. ISBN 13: 9781000888850.

Book chapter

Hirsch, E. (2022) ''Environment and economy: great divide to great acceleration'', in Carrier, J. (ed.) Handbook of Economic Anthropology, Third Edition. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar. pp. 191 - 203.

Book chapter
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