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Dr Guy Gratton
HP Lecturer - Mechanical Engineering

Howell Building 103


Guy Gratton is a chartered aeronautical and mechanical engineer, with extensive experience across aircraft design, certification, operations and testing. He also holds a Commercial Pilots Licence, with test pilot and instructor qualifications.

Guy is a visiting senior research fellow at Brunel, where he engages in research aimed to improve aviation safety in particular, and in media work to help the public understand news stories related to aviation safety.

He has particular expertise in departures from controlled flight, flight test technique development, and airborne research practices.


Part time research in aeronautics, PhD supervision, some specialist teaching at Masters level related to aircraft testing and certification.

Newest selected publications

Gratton, G. (2015) 'Initial airworthiness: Determining the acceptability of new airborne systems'. Springer International Publishing. ISSN 10: 3319114085 ISSN 13: 9783319114088


Gratton, G. (2014) 'Flight testing the Titanic'.Society of Experimental Test Pilots 58th symposium and Banquet. Anaheim, California. 22 - 26 September.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Gratton, GB., Hoff, RI., Rahman, A., Harbour, C., Williams, S. and Bromfield, M. (2014) 'Evaluating a set of stall recovery actions for single engine light aeroplanes'. Aeronautical Journal, 118 (1203). pp. 461 - 484. ISSN: 0001-9240 Open Access Link

Journal article

Gratton, G. and Hoff, RI. (2012) 'Camera Tracking and Qualitative Airflow Assessment of a 2-turn Erect Spin'. The Aeronautical Journal, 116 (1179). pp. 541 - 562. ISSN: 0001-9240

Journal article

Gratton, G. and Bromfield, MA. (2012) 'Factors affecting the apparent longitudinal stick-free static stability of a typical high-wing light aeroplane'. The Aeronautical Journal, 116 (1179). pp. 467 - 600. ISSN: 0001-9240

Journal article
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