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Dr Kangkang Tang
Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Howell 209

Research area(s)

Dr Tang’s main areas of research are in the study of sustainable structural engineering. He is leading the research group in resilient infrastructures (Resilient infrastructures | Brunel University London), with emphasis on resilient health and care infrastructure development. He is also leading the project investigating the inherent corrosion resistance of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) under railway stray direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) environments. During the time in working for Arup, Dr Tang developed the skills in modelling long-span concrete structure early-age thermal expansion. He improved the efficiency of finite element modelling (FEM) for the prediction of early-age temperature development in complex reinforced concrete structures (e.g. stadium bowl structures). FEM of the thermal loading, validated by the semi-adiabatic calorimetry results, indicates the beneficial effect of partially replacing CEM I cement with GGBS for mitigated thermal cracking.