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Research area(s)

Research Activities:

Research Projects

My research began in the 1970s in palaeontology and diversified into sedimentology and environmental geosciences, with a wide base of subdisciplines. Current research focus is on:

  1. Processes and environmental change in areas of geologically recent (Quaternary Period) evidence in the eastern Mediterranean area (Greece) and in southern China. I supervise research students working in this field in Greece and Mexico.
  2. Palaeoenvironment reconstruction of organic reef deposits in Quaternary of the Mediterranean, and older ages (Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian) in UK, parts of Europe, China and Sweden;
  3. Sedimentology and palaeobiology of the largest mass extinction event in Earth history (Permian-Triassic boundary, in parts of Asia and Europe).
  4. Geohazard research associated with climate change, in Greece and Mexico, including changes in aquifers, flood risk and landslides.

Grants Awarded

Research funding support for field and university visits in recent years from: Chinese Academy of Sciences, CNRS France


1992: Chartered Geologist of the Geological Society of London

Research supervision

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Yue Li (Nanjing Institute of Palaeontology, China), visited Brunel Aug 2000 - Aug 2001. Funded by Chinese Academy of Sciences. (5 international English papers, 2 Chinese papers).

Dr Xiaoping Yang (Beijing Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development), visited Brunel May-Oct 2002, funded by her Institute.

Dr Anne-Christine Da Silva (University of Liége, Belgium, June 2008 and February – October 2009), funded by Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS), Belgium.

Postgraduate Researchers

Past students

Dewez, Thomas; Thesis title: Geomorphic markers and elevation models as tools for tectonic geomorphology in central Greece - PhD awarded 2003. Joint first supervisor. Funded by Brunel University.

Teasdale, Phillip: Thesis title: Holocene salt marsh accretion and relative sea-level change in western Scotland. Status: PhD awarded 2005. Second supervisor

Costa, Pedro: Thesis title: Sedimentary signatures of abrupt marine invasions and sudden environmental changes. Status: Mphil awarded October 2006. Second supervisor. Self-funded

Current students

Kalisperi, Despina: Thesis working title: Investigation of uplift patterns, western Crete. Started 2005. First supervisor. Funded by Greek State Scholarship Foundation.

Moisidi, Margarita: Thesis working title: Geophysical signatures of active structural domains in southern Crete. Started 2005. First supervisor. Funded by Greek State Scholarship Foundation.

Al-Maslamani, Mohammed: Thesis title: Assessment of atmospheric emissions due to anthropogenic activities In The State Of Qatar. PhD accepted, to be awarded 2009. First supervisor. Funded by Qatar State funding.

Zuniga De Leon, David: Thesis title: Flood dynamics, hazards and risks in an active alluvial fan system, threatening Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, México. Started Feb 2008. First supervisor. Funded by PROMEP Mexican government research programme.