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Professor Ray Barrell

Professor Ray Barrell


Professor Ray Barrell, born 25th May 1950, Currently Emeritus Professor of Economics and Finance, Brunel University, Honorary Fellow, National Institute of Economics and Social Research, London, and at VA Research. Formerly Professor of Economics, Brunel University, from 1st September 2011 to 30th June 2015. Head of the Department of Economics and Finance, Brunel, September 2012 to July 2014. Formerly Acting Director (2010-11), Director of Macroeconomics (2002-2011), Senior Research Fellow (from 1990) at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London. He was a university lecturer in economics from 1976 to 1984, teaching at Sussex, Southampton, Stirling and Brunel and specialising in monetary economics and econometrics. He then moved to be an Economic Advisor at HM Treasury from 1984 to 1987 before moving to NIESR in 1988. He had a part-time chair at the European University Institute, Florence during 1998-1999. He was a visiting professor at Brunel University from 2006, and at Imperial College, London from 1996 to 2004. Outside interests include theatre and opera, and he is a patron of the Royal Opera House, the English National Opera and the Royal Court Theatre.


B.Sc (Econ), 1971, M.Sc. in Economics (Distinction), 1973  LSE

Career History

October 1973 - September 1975 Research Student at LSE with Denis SarganOctober 1975 - September 1976 Teaching Assistant LSE, teaching MSc statisticsOctober 1976 - July 1977 Tutorial Fellow in Economics Sussex UniversityAugust 1977 – July 1979 Lecturer (tenured) in Economics Stirling UniversityAugust 1979 – December 1984 Lecturer (tenured) in Economics Brunel UniversityOctober 1983 – September 1984 Visiting Lecturer Southampton UniversityOctober 1984 – December 1987 Economic Advisor (Established) HM TreasuryJanuary 1988 – March 1990 Research Fellow, NIESR LondonApril 1990 – August 2011 Senior Research Fellow, NIESR London November 1998 – July 1999 Professor of Economics, EUI, FlorenceJuly 2010 – January 2011 Acting Director NIESRSeptember 2011 -  June 2015 Professor of Economics Brunel UniversitySeptember 2012 – July 2014 Head of Department of Economics and Finance, Brunel University