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Dr Steve Pickering

Dr Steve Pickering
Senior Lecturer in Conflict and International Relations

Marie Jahoda 213

Research area(s)

  • Conflict
  • Big data
  • GIS

Research Interests

I try to apply new methods to understand old problems. My work covers several inter-related themes, including mountains and conflict, borders and conflict, maps and conflict, big data, social media and elections, the decline of war, measuring infrastructure and geospatial analysis.

Research grants and projects

Project details

Current projects

Funder: Japanese Association of Electoral Studies (JAES)

Title: Biased redistribution and inequality

Steve Pickering (CI), Seiki Tanaka (CI), Kyohei Yamada (CI)

Funder: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

Title: Collaborative Research on Political Information Transmission (CROP-IT)

Atsushi Tago (PI), Steve Pickering (CI)

Funder: University of Kent

Title: Measuring success in conflict management

Luke Abbs (CI), Govinda Clayton (CI), Hugh Miall (CI), Steve Pickering (CI)

Recently completely projects

Funder: Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation

Title: Maps and the spread of Westphalia

Steve Pickering (PI)