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Dr Dorothy Yen

Dr Dorothy Yen
Reader - Marketing


Dr Dorothy A. Yen researches on how culture influences human behaviour from the marketing perspective. Specifically she contributes to the debate of Anglo-Chinese b2b relationships by discussing how guanxi (關係), the Chinese cultural-specific notion, affects business relationship performance in the Chinese markets. Her works on guanxi and business relationships have been published in Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business Research and received many citations.

Dr Yen is a member of the Marketing and Corproate Brand Research Group at Brunel Business School.

Office hours are provided online. Students please email me first to book an appointment at a mutually convenient time.


PhD in Marketing (University of Leeds); MSc, BA, PGcert, MRScert


Dr Yen is the Associate Head at Brunel Business School. She is responsible for Brunel Business School's general teaching quality and student experience.

Newest selected publications

Kohli, GS., Yen, D., Alwi, S. and Gupta, S. (2020) 'Film or Film brands? UK consumers' engagement with films as brands'. British Journal of Management. pp. 1 - 30. ISSN: 1045-3172 Open Access Link

Journal article

Yang, H-P., Yen, D. and Balmer, JMT. (2020) 'Higher Education: a once-in-lifetime purchase'. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 22 (3). ISSN: 1352-2752 Open Access Link

Journal article

Geng, R., Mansouri, A., Aktas, E. and Yen, D. (2019) 'An empirical study of green supplier collaboration in the Chinese manufacturing sector: The double-edged sword effect of guanxi'. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 25 (3). pp. 359 - 373. ISSN: 1359-8546 Open Access Link

Journal article

Yu, Q., McManus, R., Yen, D. and Li, X. (2019) 'Tourism boycotts and animosity: A study of seven events'. Annals of Tourism Research, 80 (102792). pp. 102792 - 102792. ISSN: 0160-7383 Open Access Link

Journal article

Chung, HFL., Yen, DA. and Wang, CL. (2019) 'The contingent effect of social networking ties on Asian immigrant enterprises' innovation'. Industrial Marketing Management. pp. 1 - 12. ISSN: 0019-8501 Open Access Link

Journal article
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