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Professor Subhash Pokhrel

Professor Subhash Pokhrel
Head of Department - Health Sciences


 Indicative topic areas for potential PhD students:

  • Economic evaluation of healthcare interventions
  • Return on Investment modelling in public health
  • Assessment of cross-context transferability of evidence
  • Understanding pathways from health behaviour change (e.g. stopping to smoke) to QALYs and cost-savings
  • Stakeholder engagement in research: methodological and empirical investigations

Potential candidates are encouraged to approach Subhash on or 01895 268745.

Doctoral researchers (PhD/DrPH students):

Nana Anokye (Evaluation research: impact of price on the demand for physical activity) - awarded

Anna E Olafsdottir (Evaluation research: impact of health systems governance on child health outcomes) - awarded

Glenn Stewart (Evaluation research: what interventions improve population levels of physical activity?) - awarded

Teresa Jones (Research on research: an exploaration of pathways to research impact) - awarded

Jeshika Singh (Evaluation research: Development of descriptive system to capture hospital inpatient experience) - awarded

Lucy Kanya (Evaluation research: an exploration of construct validity in the WTP studies) - awarded

Mohammad Mansoor (Evaluation research: Impact of Integrated Care Model on population health outcomes) - ongoing