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Dr Svetlana Ignatova
Reader - Advanced Bioprocessing

Quad North 041


Dr Svetlana Ignatova is a senior applications scientist at Brunel Institute for Bioengineering (BIB), Brunel University, London, UK. She specialises in separation and concentration techniques, particularly those involving liquid-liquid extraction and chromatography. After she graduated from Chemistry Department of Moscow State University (Russia) in 1993, she started her research career by specialising in Counter-Current Chromatography (CCC), focussing on CCC theory and its application to inorganic and radioactive analysis. Pioneering studies on the hydrodynamics of two-phase liquid systems in CCC were the foundation of her PhD, awarded in 2001 from the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences. Later this research continued within a European INTAS programme between Russia, UK (Brunel Institute for Bioengineering (BIB) at Brunel University) and France ( Université Claude Bernard). In 2003, Dr Ignatova joined Brunel University, playing an important role in BIB’s development of CCC technology from “home-made” to “industrial competitive” and in its scale-up from analytical to pilot scale through the various separation trials carried out for the National Cancer Institute (USA), Pfizer, Syngenta, Shell and GSK. Her current research interests focus on new applications of novel liquid-liquid extraction technology and in particular: herbal extract separations, enantiomers/chiral separations, ionic liquids and nanoparticles. She is also performing research on novel processing techniques which become possible when both mobile and stationary phases are liquid. One example of this is intermittent counter-current extraction (ICcE), a patented process which can concentrate and isolate active leads from natural products including Chinese herbal medicine. Dr Ignatova is currently involved in a number of collaborative exchange programmes with China the most active being with Tsinghua University ( Beijing, China) and Sichuan University (Chengdu, China). Recently Dr Ignatova has been appointed secretary of sub-group WP7 (regulatory issues) of “Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (GP-TCM) in the post genomic era” as part of EU Framework 7 on Globalization of TCM and is the senior applications scientist on a £1.5m UK government funded high value manufacturing research program on “scalable technology for the extraction of pharmaceuticals (STEP)” with a consortium including GSK, Pfizer and Dynamic Extractions.

Newest selected publications

Peng, A., Hewitson, P., Sutherland, IA., Chen, L. and Ignatova, S. (2018) 'The effect of increasing centrifugal acceleration/force and flow rate for varying column aspect ratios on separation efficiency in Counter-Current Chromatography'. Journal of Chromatography A, 1581-1582. pp. 80 - 90. ISSN: 0021-9673 Open Access Link

Journal article

Peng, A., Hewitson, P., Sutherland, I., Chen, L. and Ignatova, S. (2018) 'How changes in column geometry and packing ratio can increase sample load and throughput by a factor of fifty in Counter-Current Chromatography'. Journal of Chromatography A, 1580. pp. 120 - 125. ISSN: 0021-9673 Open Access Link

Journal article

DeAmicis, C., Yang, Q., Bright, C., Edwards, NA., Harris, GH., Kaur, S., et al. (2017) 'Development of a Scalable and Sustainable High Performance CounterCurrent Chromatography (HPCCC) Purification for Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D from Spinosad'. Organic Process Research and Development, 21 (10). pp. 1638 - 1643. ISSN: 1083-6160 Open Access Link

Journal article

das Neves Costa, F., Hubert, J., Borie, N., Kotland, A., Hewitson, P., Ignatova, S. and et al. (2017) 'Schinus terebinthifolius countercurrent chromatography (Part III): Method transfer from small CCC column to preparative CPC ones as a part of method development'. Journal of Chromatography A, 1487. pp. 77 - 82. ISSN: 0021-9673 Open Access Link

Journal article

de Souza Figueiredo, F., Celano, R., de Sousa Silva, D., das Neves Costa, F., Hewitson, P., Ignatova, S., et al. (2016) 'Countercurrent chromatography separation of saponins by skeleton type from Ampelozizyphus amazonicus for off-line ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/high resolution accurate mass spectrometry analysis and characterisation.'. Journal of chromatography. A, 1481. pp. 92 - 100. ISSN: 0021-9673 Open Access Link

Journal article
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