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Purchase Order and Invoice Management

Brunel University operates a ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy and the provision of good or services should only be made having been issued with a valid purchase order number. 

Invoices received without quoting a valid purchase order number will be rejected.   If you have been asked to provide goods or services to the University, please ensure you request a purchase order first from your University client.

Suppliers with a UK Bank Account have the option to 'PO Flip' their invoices or email PDF invoices.   Please note that we do not accept invoice by post. 

Supplier Portal 

Suppliers can access the supplier portal to view/manage all purchase orders raised as well as add their invoices to the purchase order directly without the need to forward it for processing. This allows a quicker turn around in submission of invoices for processing and payment.

PO flip

Suppliers need to be able to see the purchase order in the portal so that they have access to 'flip' the order and create an invoice summary then upload their PDF copy of the invoice they wish to have paid. When allocated correctly, the University requisitioner will see the invoice notification email and will have to process it for payment by receipting. 

The following guide provides further information on Supplier PO Flip Supplier PO Flip Guide.pdf

By Email

PDF invoices can be submitted in single file format to

Please be aware that if an invoice is received from one of our suppliers that does not include a valid purchase order number, an email will be sent from to the individual quoted on the invoice, with a request that you 'click on the link within the email to respond to a query'

Please note that the above address is not spam so do not delete.

You will be required to click on the link, read the message and enter the details requested, then finally submit the information.  The invoice will update for payment or when approved by the Payments team.

Non UK Bank Account

Suppliers that do not have a UK bank accounts need to forward their invoices to for payment.