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Procurement Services

About Us

The annual third-party expenditure for the University is circa £100M which can be supplemented by significant capital investment aligned with our Capital Programme.   

Procurement Services is a centre-led strategically focussed procurement function which will:

    • Drive commercial value from the supply chain; providing the ability for driving innovation, delivering better services and creating savings.
    • Recognise best practice maximising the opportunities  for economic, environmental and social benefits through improvements to procurement practices and outcomes.
    • Simplify the standardisation of procurement policies,  governance, processes and systems in order to strengthen and at the same time simplify the activities for both the Colleges and Professional Services departments (our customers) and our suppliers.
    • Assist aggregation of opportunities across the University and provide the ability to operate flexibly ensuring the    Procurement Service are able to meet the needs of the University now and  to respond to changes in future needs.
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that procurement rules and processes are fully adopted and teams work together towards common goals and in the best interests of the University.

 Procurement Services

The University’s Procurement Services organisation provides strategic leadership, strategic sourcing, policy and governance setting for major procurement activity, and manages key strategic supplier relationships.  Our overarching principles are that:

  • Best Value shall be obtained for all works, goods and services.
  • All procurements shall take place in an open and transparent manner.
  • Fairness with all potential and existing suppliers being treated equally.
  • All actions are compliant with UK Legislation.
  • Responsible Procurement (including where possible social, economic and environmental characteristics) objectives are included in all strategic procurements

We also ensure that the supplier relationship management of our suppliers delivers high standards of performance, continuous improvement and innovation. 

Mission and Vision 

Procurement Services Mission is to deliver “Commercial Excellence”.

Our Vision is to create “a centre for procurement excellence, delivering commercial value and optimum outcomes” which are delivered through four key goals.


To Transform

The university spends a circa of £100 Million on goods and services.

To Deliver Value

By delivering value for money services we will protect the University and enable it to achieve its 2030 Vision.

To be Commercial

By delivering the best outcomes across the organisation whilst maximising commercial opportunities.

To Collaborate

By working together with our key stakeholders, to deliver the best outcomes by listening to others, challenging each other constructively and respecting each other’s point of view.