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We are committed to the development of strategic partnerships with businesses, industry and the not-for-profit sector that will enhance impactful research and high quality funded research. We are also open to strategic collaborations with high quality academic establishments that will enhance opportunities for large-scale funded projects, DTCs and staff exchanges.

We offer access to facilities and equipment at an appropriate scale for applied, industry-led research, bridging the gap between the lab and the marketplace to accelerate manufacturing implementation.

We have expertise in using the following techniques: LDA, PIV, LIF (fuel, OH, CH2O ), LIEF, SRS, LII. We have also been conducting phenomelogical, gas dynamics, and CFD (KIVA3v) engine simulations.

The group has 11 test engines housed in two laboratories:

  • Multi-cylinder engines: 2.0litre HSDI CR diesel engine, I4 & V6 prototype GDI engines
  • Single cylinder engines: 3 Ricardo Hydra Single cylinder optical engine testbeds, 1
  • Analysers: Full Gas analysers, fast FID, fast sampling valve, Smoke/PM analysers
  • Optical Systems: 2 Nd:YAG Lasers, a Dye laser, an Excimer laser, a Copper Vapour laser
  • Detectors: 2 Gated ICCDs, high-speed colour video camera (60K fps)

The following lists showcases our recent sponsors and collaborators:

  • European Union
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Jaguar LandRover
  • Delphi Diesel Systems
  • BP
  • Johnson Matthew
  • Ricardo
  • Cambridge University
  • Brighton University
  • Institut Francais du Petrole
  • Instituto Motori
  • Renault

Please contact us and visit our Business pages to find out about collaborating with our experts.