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Publications and grants

All founding members are research active and contribute to the research output of the university.

Recent publications

  • O. Adole, L. Anguilano, T. Minton, J. Campbell, S. Lavelle, V. Samaras, K. Tarverdi (2020) Basalt fibre-reinforced high density polyethylene composite development using the twin screw extrusion process. Polymer Testing 91:106467.
  • A. Turk, G.R. Joshi, M. Gintalas, M. Callisti, P.E.J. Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo, E.I. Galindo-Nava (2020) Quantification of hydrogen trapping in multiphase steels: Part I – Point traps in martensite. Acta Materialia 194: 118-133.
  • Jaric J, Vignjevic R, Kuzmanovic D (2019) On Entropy Flux of Anisotropic Elastic Bodies. International Journal of Thermophysics 40:61.
  • R. Vignjevic, C Liang, K. Hughes, J.C. Brown, T. De Vuyst, N. Djordjevic, J. Campbell (2019) A numerical study on the influence of internal corrugated reinforcements on the biaxial bending collapse of thin-walled beams. Thin-Walled Structures 144: 106277.
  • Overstall AM., Woods DC. and Parker BM. (2019) Bayesian Optimal Design for Ordinary Differential Equation Models With Application in Biological Science' Journal of the American Statistical Association,115:1-16.
  • L. Škec, G. Alfano, G. Jelenić (2019). Enhanced simple beam theory for characterising mode-I fracture resistance via a double cantilever beam test. Composites Part B 167:250-262.
  • M. Zhou, R.P.R. Cardoso and H. Bahai (2019) A New Material Model for Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Steels in Fire, International Journal for Mechanical Sciences 159:467-486.
  • R. Vignjevic, J. Campbell, K. Hughes, M. Orłowski, S. Garcea, P. Withers, J. Reed (2019) Soft body impact resistance of composite foam core sandwich panels with unidirectional corrugated and tubular reinforcements. International Journal of Impact Engineering 132:103320.
  • Shaw S (2019) An a priori error estimate for a temporally discontinuous Galerkin space-time finite element method for linear elasto- and visco-dynamics. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 351:1 - 19.
  • Shamsudin MF, Mares C, Johnston C, Lage Y, Edwards G, Gan TH (2019) Application of Bayesian estimation to structural health monitoring of fatigue cracks in welded steel pipe. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 121:112-123.
  • Almurshedi A, Atherton M, Mares C, Stolarski T. (2019) Modelling influence of Poisson's contraction on squeeze film levitation of planar objects . Journal of Applied Physics 125:095303.
  • K. Hughes, R. Vignjevic, F. Corcoran, O. Gulavani, T. De Vuyst, J. Campbell, N. Djordjevic (2018) Transferring momentum: Novel drop protection concept for mobile devices. International Journal of Impact Engineering 117:85-101.
  • Kassam TA, Nadendla HB, Ludford N, Yan S, Howkins A (2018) Secondary Phase Interaction at Interfaces of High-Strength Brazed Joints made using Liquid Phase Sintered Alumina Ceramics and Ag-Cu-Ti Braze Alloys. Scientific Reports 8(1);3352.
  • N. Djordjevic, R. Vignjevic, L. Kiely, S. Case, T. De Vuyst, J. Campbell, K. Hughes (2018) Modelling of shock waves in fcc and bcc metals using a combined continuum and dislocation kinetic approach. International Journal of Plasticity 105:211-224.
  • A.A. Alabi, P.L. Moore, L.C. Wrobel, J.C. Campbell, W. He (2018) Tensile behaviour of S690QL and S960QL under high strain rate. Journal of Constructional Steel Research (150):570-580
  • Obeid, G Alfano, H Bahai, H Jouhara (2018). Mechanical response of a lined pipe under dynamic impact. Engineering Failure Analysis 88: 35-53.
  • M. Tanaka, R.P.R. Cardoso, H. Bahai (2018) Multi Resolution MPS Method, Journal of Computational Physics, 359:106-136.
  • Pajic S, Antic S., Vukicevic AM, Djordjevic N, Jovicic G, Savic Z, Saveljic I, Janović A, Pesic Z, Djuric M, Filipovic N (2017) Trauma of the Frontal Region Is Influenced by the Volume of Frontal Sinuses. A Finite Element Study. Frontiers in Physiology 8:493.
  • A. Earij, G. Alfano, K. Cashell, X. Zhou (2017) Nonlinear three–dimensional finite–element modelling of reinforced–concrete beams: Computational challenges and experimental validation. Engineering Failure Analysis 82:92-115.

Recent research grants and contracts