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About us

The objective of the centre is to research into intelligent digital economy and society using AI, data analytics, 6G, media, human-machine interaction, digital games, augmented and virtual reality, digital twins, IoTs, cyber security, data & information fusion etc. providing legal and regulatory compliance solutions and all aspects of Govtech to promote social unity and enhance economic impact.

The advantages gained by our members are the access to pooled resources and expertise and the creation of interdisciplinary industrial focus groups to develop proposals to develop intelligent autonomous systems for Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Civil, Healthcare, Mechanical, Manufacturing and Network Engineering Industries and core technologies focus groups (e.g. 5G, localization, Mobile Edge Cloud, AI etc.).

The Digital strategy of the Centre is informed by the Cambridge Wireless industrial focus group and the 4D Integrated Modelling national special interest group for semantic interoperability of devices and information management systems, where our members learn about industrial issues in need of innovative thinking, and propose industry focussed solutions routed in excellent cutting-edge research.

Specialist facilities

The Centre has benefits from the Wireless Network and Communications Lab (that is linked with Brunel Robotics Engineering Lab) and the Cyber Security Lab.

In addition, the Centre is in the process of obtaining a 5G testbed and further improving it's existing a radio frequency engineering lab and immersive virtual environments for cyber security incorporating 5G and IoT.