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About us

The aim of the Smart Technology Advancements for Health and Rehabilitation (STAHR) is to bridge the gap between clinical sciences, engineering and computing for sustainable developments in personal and community health needs. Our research is founded on principles of Open Science for accessible research; interacting with communities and building bridges for meaningful applications of our research. 

Our activities are directly aligned with the Digital and Health challenge priorities of the University, as well as Health Education England and government priorities for NHS Digital (2020) and preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future (Topol Review, 2019).  Capitalising on the current success of Clinical Science and Engineering and Computing at Brunel, by combining these disciplines into a unique centre will accelerate their momentum in fundamental rehabilitation sciences in order to provide the nation with novel technological approaches to meet the global challenges to health and rehabilitation.

Activities of the Centre include active research and instrument/technology development, innovations testing, research clinic as test bed for pathway, product and intervention innovation testing as well as for practice-based collaborations (for professionals), student involvement/clinical placement and final year student project opportunities (apprenticeships) and public engagement activities.