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Equity Development Research (EDR) is a transdisciplinary research group in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering engaging with a diverse range of researchers, academics, students, stakeholders, partners, and social actors in a broad array of research endeavours.

By definition, global challenges are transnational. This means that solutions must be both transdisciplinary and multi-actor. They cannot be addressed by any government or institution acting alone and require collaborative action among governments, international organizations, businesses, universities, NGOs, and communities.

EDR aims to serve as platform to connect, develop and expand networks across Global North and South nations. Centred on development and social justice issues, EDR continually reflects upon how individual and collective agency can contribute to meaningful change around climate action and sustainability at multiple scales.

EDR is a place for knowledge exchange as well as an open invitation across and beyond the university to connect and/or contribute to its programme of activities.