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Accelerating development

We are committed to providing opportunities to contribute towards building and connecting knowledge of all types and origins, exploring new development paths, and finding new ways to accelerate transitions to equitable, sustainable development. 

Co‐design & co‐production of knowledge

Our engagement efforts bring together societal partners to build a common understanding about social and ecological systems and of future prospects to co‐design questions that frame societal needs and actionable research and co-produce knowledge to achieve sustainability.

Action research 

We share an action-oriented approach to sustainability research that provides a forum to undertake innovative disciplinary research and co-design, coordinate and implement transdisciplinary research to identify, inform and facilitate sustainability pathways at different scales in different locations and contexts.

Capacity building 

We draw upon the experience and expertise of specialists and practitioners and building partnerships to inform and advance equitable development and resilience through networking, capacity development and mentoring.