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UKFIET Conference Symposium Acceptance

A symposium proposal submitted by the Interculturality research group has been accepted at the UKFIET Conference 2021, under the conference sub-theme 'Towards building back better equitably'.  The Conference, 'Building back better in education and training? Reimagining, Reorienting and Redistributing' will be held from 13-17 September 2021 and will see symposium presentations by the Interculturality research group. 

Symposium title: Doing gender equality differently? Understanding intersections of global, national and local discourses in building back better 

Convenor: Gunjan Wadhwa, Brunel University London

Chair: Maria Tsouroufli, Brunel University London

Discussant: Mairead Dunne, University of Sussex


Paper titles

  • (En)Gendering struggles for building back better in education: An introduction, Gunjan Wadhwa 
  • 'Powerless, Poor and Needy?’: The reproduction of colonial discourse of gender through educational interventions by I-NGOs in Afghanistan, Sulaiman Haqpana 
  • Empowering Arab/North African Muslim girls in British schools, Najwa Iggoute 
  • The roar at the end of years of silence, Geeta Ludhra 
  • Chanting as healing and resistance against 'othering' in Higher Education, Balbir Kaur 
  • Feminist solidarity and collective scholarship as resistance against post-colonial and neo-colonial discourses of gender equality and performances of whiteness’ , Maria Tsouroufli, Giuliana Ferri, and Ourania Filippakou