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Professor Maria Tsouroufli Professor Maria Tsouroufli
Email Professor Maria Tsouroufli Professor in Education
I am Professor of Education at the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences. Previously I worked as Reader in Women and Gender at the University of Wolverhampton. My research is concerned with social justice with a particular focus on gender inequalities in education and professions. I am a transnational feminist academic and my applied social research aims to advance theorizations of gender and gender equality in the Global South. My intersectional study of identities is underpinned by post-structuralist approaches and is centred around 4 themes with violence as a cross-cutting theme: educational policy inlcuding medical educational policy, decolonization of international partnerships; emotionality of difference and disembodiment of EDI discourses in HE; internationalization and academic migration; and critiques of white mainstream feminism. My research and teaching interests are in gender, intersectionality, identities and inequalities, particularly in relation to teacher, academic and medical professionals. My formation, research and employment has spanned health and medical sociology, organisation studies, education and gender and women's studies. My international and interdisciplinary research has been informed mainly by feminist post-structuralist approaches to education and medical education policy, power and resistance. I have led and have been involved in internally and externally funded research projects conducted in Britain, Europe and Australia employing a variety of methodologies (ethnography, narratology) and methods (quantitative/qualitative and mixed-method) on a wider range of equality and diversity issues. Social Justice with a focus on gender inequalities in education and professions: International and interdisciplinary perspectives, Gender-based violence in schools and on campus, Women in STEMM careers, Athena Swan, Widening Participation, Professional and Student Identities: Intersectional approaches, Narratology, Feminist Post-Structuralist Research Approaches EdD/PhD teaching and research supervision MA teaching, marking, and research supervision BA dissertation supervision and marking
Dr Geeta Ludhra Dr Geeta Ludhra
Email Dr Geeta Ludhra Lecturer in Education
I am a Lecturer in Education and Associate Dean for Equality and Diversity (staff) in CBASS. I joined Brunel University in 2006, entering my Higher Education career from a Deputy Headteacher position. I studied my Undergraduate degree at Brunel University when I was a mature student as a mother of two young children. I enjoyed my UG degree and it led to an exciting teaching career across West London primary schools. I currently work across PostGraduate education programmes and supervise BA, MA and Doctoral research students. I am situated in the ‘Interculturality for diversity and global learning’ research group. Prior to joining Brunel, I worked across diverse primary schools in leadership posts. My favourite teaching post was in Southall as I loved the diversity and depth of cultures and children. Southall Broadway was a rich cultural space for Indian food and clothes, and I had the opportunity to use my Panjabi & Hindi skills within this post. I completed my PhD in 2015, titled: ‘A Black feminist exploration of the cultural experiences and identities of academically ‘successful’ British South-Asian girls’. My PhD is rooted in personal interests and lived experiences around cultural identity, Black Feminist Theory and a critically reflexive position as a narrative researcher and academic of colour. I draw on an autoethnographic lens in my current feminist work, particularly themes around anti-racism, decolonising nature and museum spaces, and developing creative methodologies. I currently work part-time as I also lead a registered community interest company (CIC) on educational nature events. My nature and community impact work has led to exciting collaborations with organisations outside of Brunel:- Natural England, National Parks, DEFRA, Open University (Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences department), the museums sector, and a successful Brunel seminar series Award on 'Decolonising Green Spaces', delivered in 2023. Feel free to contact me on: for collaborations. See 'Research areas' section above. My critical feminist lens has inspired community-based research and policy projects, to include setting up a women's writing group called 'educating geeta'. We are currently writing our first South-Asian women's creative writing book, with a focus on our lived experiences through poetry. Over the last 5 years, my research has taken on a strong community impact focus with communities who have been historically excluded and are underrecognised for the knowledge and experiences they bring. My PhD is available for download via the Brunel link below: Brunel research group: I am a member of the the following research group: Interculturality for diversity and global learning, see link below to read more about our work: I have led various monthly reading seminars to support staff build their subject knowledge in small groups, through a range of readings. These groups have included a monthly feminist reading series with a focus on global south feminst scholars, a decolonizing education series and a caste reading group: see Dalit Solidarity Network | A World without Caste discrimination ( More details to be shared as this work develops. South Asian women’s ‘success’ stories and cultural heritage - an intergenerational lens. I draw on an autoethnographic research approach through a critically reflexive ‘insider’ lens. I frame my work through Black Feminist/Decolonial Feminist Theory. I raise questions about how power operates for women of colour across personal and professional spaces of their lives, to include the complex intersections of gender, race, class, caste and migration herstories. Decolonization of the curriculum through a critical planning approach. Diversity, inclusion and representation for people of colour in nature spaces - how inclusion and power operates in rural countryside spaces, which have traditionally been seen as White spaces (see ‘Impact and outreach’ tab in relation to my Secretary of State DEFRA appointed role). See Brunel Seminar Series Award and currently working on a Horizon project (Planet 4B). SCITT Primary & Secondary GPE (General Professional Education) Primary English (EAL, language inclusion and drama) Primary Curriculum Enhancement: Decolonizing the Curiculum: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies Postgraduate research Reading seminar series for the Interculturality research group: Feminist reading group | Brunel University London