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Our objectives

The overarching objective of the Group is to advance knowledge and research in the field of Public International Law.

Our research initiatives and activities will center around current developments and debates in international law, and specifically international human rights law and the intersection between human rights violations, humanitarian law and the effectiveness of international courts and tribunals.

We will look at current events surrounding issues of peace, security and justice and investigate the application of international humanitarian law (IHL) and how international tribunals deal with IHL violations, including the International Criminal Court.

The International Law Group activities concerning ‘Migration and Mobility’ will focus on international refugee law and questions of how the mobility of populations affects their rights in host countries. Moreover, we aim to evaluate how international refugee law interacts with the fields of international human rights, international humanitarian law and international environmental law.

 We want to be a part of solutions to current international problems and with our combined research expertise we aim to develop and establish links with the wider international academic community.