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Doctoral Training Partnerships

What are Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs)?

Doctoral Training Partnerships provide funding for innovative training environments of doctoral studies to either individual universities, or a group of universities.  They include opportunities for PhD students to undertake broader training or development, such as language learning, overseas research visits, or placements with non-academic partners.

Students will receive a stipend to help support them during thier studies, benefit from access to internationally leading academics across a number of top class, research intensive institutions, tap into excellent training and development schemes, and receive outstanding career development support as part of their PhD. 

Brunel is a participant in the following Doctoral Training Partnerships:

I would definitely recommend applying for the Doctoral Training Partnership Studentships, as the process proved to be highly rigorous but immensely rewarding. My PhD research proposal underwent in-depth evaluations, both by the DTP's panel of experts and my supervisors, which were invaluable in helping me to reach an advanced level of critical thinking, reflection and innovation in my work. Throughout the experience, my DTP administrator at Brunel was always on hand to answer any questions, and kept me well-informed about the status of my application.

Jaspreet Nijjar, Techne DTP Student