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Ethical issues around digital footprints - SME prespective

Posted: 04 November 2021 - Ozlem Ayaz,

Data Ownership

This research aims to provide some insights into addressing SME ethical actions and understanding its implication to employees' digital footprint experience will enable us to do so effectively.

This is important, given that in the current digital era organisations will spend a significant amount of money and time to capture employee data, and while this data may create insights into employee lifecycle and trends for the future and generate organisational value, many managers fail to understand how to harness the employee data in an ethical way. 

Digital footprints are the trails of any data we leave behind when we go online. For SMEs, the problem is finding the boundaries on digital platforms.

❓ Who owns the digital data generated via social and organisational platforms?

❓ How are SMEs handling the ethical issues around digital footprints?

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