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Has the digital technology improved the way you worked?

Posted: 16 February 2022 - Ozlem Ayaz,

In 2020, there were 6.0m SMEs (<250 employees) in the UK, making up 61% of private-sector employment (UK Govt, 2021). Smaller firms have been caught in a whirlwind of digital transformation. But a digital skills gap is holding them back. According to WorldSkills UK, 92% of businesses think every employee needs basic digital skills, while 27% said their people need more advanced skills. However, 76% also admit that a lack of digital skills is hurting their profits. Modern digital footprints blur the boundaries between organisational and personal information. The more personal data is involved, the harder it is to say who should manage it. During the pandemic, many firms shifted to remote working. However, the pace of the switch left them very little time to learn about data issues. We’re researching how SMEs manage digital footprints, and we’d like to hear from the owners and managers of smaller firms. 

Has digital technology improved your work? if so, how?

How do you train your employees in digital skills?

What ethical concerns came up during the pandemic, and how did you respond?

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