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Who actually owns and controls digital footprints?

Posted: 14 June 2021 - Ozlem Ayaz, Asieh Hosseini Tabaghdehi, Ainurul Rosli,

Digital Footprints data security challenges

SMEs are vital for providing goods and services, creating jobs and driving innovation. In fact, they account for almost half of jobs and a third of turnover in the UK private sector.

Digitalisation is vital for SMEs, as it is for all organisations. However, SMEs find it more challenging than most.

Many SMEs find data protection and data security challenging, By focusing on digital transformation , they may end up neglecting digital privacy.

The more information people share, the more their privacy is at risk. Since the pandemic, we’ve all become even more reliant on digital – but we have less time to think about the issues it raises.

Digital footprints are the trails of data we all leave online. For SMEs, the problem is finding the boundaries that who actually owns and controls someone’s digital footprint?

We’re researching how SMEs handle digital footprints and the ethical issues around them.

How has working online changed the way you handle your digital presence? Do your employees have the relevant skills to protect the business online

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