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Top tips for interviews and selection days

Firstly congratulations, if you are invited for an interview or selection day then you have reached the next stage of your journey in your application to Brunel.

Interviews and selection days help us to find out more about you and your skills but also allow you the chance to find out more about the course and the university.

Get prepared

  • Travel plans: check your travel plans in advance so you know where you are going and allow enough time for your journey
  • Look through your application: remind yourself of what you included in your application form
  • Read up about the course: make sure you know about the course at Brunel, so that you can demonstrate your interest
  • Practice: if possible ask an advisor or teacher if they can give you a mock interview so that you feel more ready
  • What do you want to know: think of some questions about the course or the university that you would like to ask, as you will be given the opportunity to ask questions in your interview or as part of your selection day
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep

On the day

  • Leave plenty of time: allow for any problems with your journey and give yourself time to find your way around the campus and arrive calmly
  • Brunel’s contact details: contact us if you will be late or aren’t able to attend so that we can either let the department know or reschedule if necessary
  • Dress appropriately
  • Try to stay calm: some nerves are common and can help you do well at the interview, but if you need to control them at any point take a few deep breaths. Remember everyone at Brunel wants you to do your best on the day
  • If you don’t understand a question, just ask them to repeat or rephrase it: don’t worry if you need to clarify a question, it is better to fully understand what you’re being asked than just guess what you’re being asked
  • Positive body language and eye contact: smile, stay alert, sit up straight and make eye contact with the people you meet
  • Get involved: if there is a group task as part of your selection day, make sure you get involved in the task and demonstrate that you can work in a team and interact with others
  • Make the most of it: while you’re on campus make sure you walk around and get a feel for the university, if you meet any current students as part of the day, feel free to ask them questions and find out what studying at Brunel is like