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Social work co-productions through the arts

Posted: January 16 2023

Social Work student & staff projects, Social Work
Social Work student & staff projects, Social Work

These pages showcase artwork emmerging from the collaboration between our social work students and our experts by experience. Some of these creations are based on our students’ own lived experiences.

Last updated: 07 February 2023

Kaleidoscope by Vishal Udaya Kumar

Kaleidoscope is a video by social work student Vishal Udaya Kumar, showcasing the resilience and triumph of Mr. Hasmukh Metha, a BEC member of Brunel University London. 

A walk in the rain by Areeba Naseem 

Social work student Areeba's painting 'A walk in the rain' is inspired by love, loss, and separation. 

Won’t fight alone by Jahmila John

Jahmila's song is based on a service user’s life experiences of having to contend with mental illness and the reduction in support services.

A resilient mother by Rathigga Pushparajah

Rathigga' painting is inspired by a mother who has a son with autism spectrum disorder

Trading Places by Sekayi Rodney

Sekayi's poem is inspired by her grandmother who is a carer for her mother.

The Carer by Tienga Ngale

Tienga wrote this poem about the journey of becoming a carer.

5 days a week by Charlene Robinson

Read Charlene's poem about trauma.