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5 days a week by Charlene Robinson

Posted: November 17 2022

Charlene Robinson, Social Work MSc
Charlene Robinson, Social Work MSc

Read Social Work MSc student Charlene Robinson's poem about trauma.

5 days a week

Day 1 mum looks at me with this stare
As if she does not care
Is she all there?
I want to run but don’t know where

Day 2, it’s always worst on day 2
Clean the house, do the shopping, massage her feet and do as she says
I feel like I am going to break
I don’t know what to do a lot is at stake

Day 3, Aunty visits and asks me what’s wrong
I want to tell her but I’m scared I’m not too strong
I’m 12 years old how do I put it in words
Aunty my mum is killing me I’m her slave is that absurd

Day 4 Knock knock at the door
Its Social services everything is revealed to the core
As they take me away mum screams
Oh I wish this was a dream

Day 5 5 days of trauma
I feel so bad should I call her
I told the truth, I have to interview tomorrow
It’s enough to bare it’s enough to swallow
Maybe I’ll meet a new family
Go on holidays with someone who cares rapidly
My trauma is over
I hope my mum can stay sober.