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Trading Places by Sekayi Rodney

Posted: January 31 2023

Social Work student & staff projects, Social Work
Social Work student & staff projects, Social Work

Trading Places is inspired by my Grandmother who is a carer for her mother.

My grandmother is a Jamaican-born retired Senior Carer. She discovered her own 90-year-old mother had been diagnosed with Bowel cancer and Dementia. This urged her to fly to Jamaica and bring her mother back with her to England, where the mother previously lived. The strength and resilience my grandmother has shown these past 2 years have been admirable considering her own health struggles. I decided to write from the perspective of my grandmother so the reader could grasp the deep contrasting emotions this responsibility comes with. To all the carers I wanted to say, ‘we appreciate you’.

Trading Places

A mother’s love can move mountains

So powerful yet peaceful

A mother’s duty is forever

So heavy yet fruitful

But that thing came and took it away

The warmth and sense of home

Slipped away right before my eyes

My name? My birthday? Our memories?

Erased, forgotten, misplaced

Now it is my responsibility

Now it is on me

The cycle of life has placed this burden on me

This thing, this regression

She was a housekeeper, chef, therapist,

Nurse, teacher, secretary, activity coordinator

But now it is my turn

Now it is on me

I am drained emotionally and physically

I wouldn’t have it any other way

A love so pure, I have to endure

Appreciate your mother and her embraces

It may be a possibility that one day

You could trade places