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About us

Key Staff

Professor Justin Fisher is Director of Brunel Public Policy. He has extensive experience of working with policy-makers, legislators, regulators and political parties in the UK and overseas, providing both evidence and advice. Highlights include work with the Council of Europe, the UK Cabinet Office, the UK Ministry of Justice, the Committee on Standards in Public Life, the UK Electoral Commission, and various Parliamentary Committees at Westminster and Holyrood, where he has acted as both a witness and as a special advisor. In recent years, he has advised the Electoral Commissions of Ukraine, Kosovo, Albania and Ethiopia, and worked with the governments of Georgia, Poland and the Czech Republic on behalf of the Council of Europe, as well as training young politicians in South-East Europe on behalf of the British Council.

Dr Eliza Kania  works in the CBASS Research Office and for Political Studies Review. She develops creative forms of research promotion and is passionate about visual communications and presenting and visualizing research data for dissemination (like here). Eliza a co-author and a coordinator of international research and educational projects like R/evolutions: Global Trends and Regional Issues and News Literacy.   She has been working with local government and NGOs for over ten years, including the City Development and Foreign Relations department in the City of Poznań, where she coordinated international projects and cooperation initiatives. Her research interests cover the process of precarisation of labour, social movements and political dimensions of post-Soviet heritage and  - recently -  of the architecture of brutalism.

Supporting policy-makers, legislators and regulators

Brunel Public Policy uses our world-leading research to help inform policy-makers, legislators and regulators. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Drafting and promoting policy briefs, and identifying best practice based on Brunel research to inform debates and policy projects at various levels of government, as well as in the third sector and for policy think-tanks
  • Promoting the policy implications and applications of our research to overseas governments.
  • Actively engaging with select committee enquiries and policy consultation
  • Actively engaging with policy-related requests 
  • Synthesising research to assist with policy scrutiny
  • Offering our expertise in data analysis
  • Evaluating public opinion using both quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (interviews and focus-groups) techniques

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