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OIT Partnership

Brunel University London is a partner of the Open Innovation Team (OIT) in Whitehall. The Open Innovation Team is part of the Policy Profession and seeks to match academic research to the needs of different Whitehall Departments.

The Open Innovation Team is a cross-government unit that works with academics and other experts to help generate analysis and ideas for policy. As a partner University (alongside Essex, Lancaster and York), Brunel sits on the Partnership Board and is actively involved in the work of the OIT. The partnership is managed by Brunel Public Policy.

Brunel is one of the most active collaborators in OIT work. Academics from across all Colleges are involved in multiple areas of work, such as Artificial Intelligence; Consumer Protection; Trust in the Justice System; Women and Work; Developing and Delivering Targeted COVID-19 Health Interventions to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities; Defence Spending; Intelligence in International Trade; UK Statistics and the Prevent Programme. These include:


<span class='contactname'>Dr Hayleigh Bosher</span>
Dr Hayleigh Bosher
Brunel Law School
<span class='contactname'>Professor Philip Davies</span>
Professor Philip Davies
Social & Political Sciences
<span class='contactname'>Professor Tat-Hean Gan</span>
Professor Tat-Hean Gan
Brunel Innovation Centre
<span class='contactname'>Dr Vanja Garaj</span>
Dr Vanja Garaj
Brunel Design School
<span class='contactname'>Dr Marcus De Matos</span>
Dr Marcus De Matos
Brunel Law School
<span class='contactname'>Professor Catherine Wang</span>
Professor Catherine Wang
Brunel Business School
<span class='contactname'>Professor William Watkin</span>
Professor William Watkin
English and Creative Writing