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About Design for Health

Innovation in the healthcare sector is difficult due to challenges in accessing clinical expertise, recruiting patients, establishing clinical trials and the highly regulated context. This programme, through a human-centred design approach provides a unique opportunity to: 

  • Identify clinical challenges that Design Engineering Researchers and Students may contribute to resolve

  • Improve patients’ and clinical staff’ experience

  • Develop awareness of human-centred innovation in the NHS

  • Provide excellent clinical expertise in multidisciplinary research and students’ projects

  • Create proofs of principle in the form of fully working prototypes to assess the feasibility of proposed innovation

  • Generate market research and research insights leading to larger projects

If you work in healthcare and would like to submit a clinical challenge or are a student looking to get involved in a project, please visit the relevant pages for more information on how to do so or get in touch with us for a conversation.