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Final year (Design) students - register your interest

Design for Health projects provide real and complex clinical challenges where you can apply your skills. The projects are supported by a multidisciplinary team which include a senior design academic member of staff and clinical champions in the NHS. 

The Design for Health programme also provides access to clinical environments for the design and evaluation of the developed prototypes. 

What to do if you are interested

Every year new healthcare challenges will be presented to you by Dr Spinelli in early October.

If you are interested in one or more of them, you will need to get in contact with her by providing your CV (2 pages) and a cover letter where you explain why you are interested. 

If you are shortlisted, an informal interview may take place and you will be introduced to the clinical champion to start your project. 

The Design for Health projects do not require any extra assessment or deliverable beside those specified by your Major Projects. At the end of the project, you may be asked to present your work to the clinical staff together with your academic supervisor.