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Data generation service drives health-app innovations

Brunel opens a new machine learning sector in the market

The need

Health innovators were looking to develop and validate state-of-the-art health apps using NHS data to empower patients to take control of their own health through improved monitoring and reporting and enable the delivery of more personalised clinical decision-making. The technology needed to ensure patient privacy concerns with respect to General Data Protection Regulation were addressed. 

The solution

Dr Tucker worked with the Medicine Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to create a new synthetic data generation service enabling the release of valuable NHS primary care data for the first time. 

The outcome

  • The development of new machine learning health-app innovations
  • Opening of a new machine learning sector in the market for developing mobile health apps that is expected to save the NHS 
  • Two new full-scale synthetic datasets have been released in August 2020 based on cardiovascular disease and Covid-19
  • Sensyne Health have been using the service to develop and validate new mobile apps for diabetes, a disease which affects 3,5m people in the UK, and which currently costs the NHS £9,8bn per annum.

Partnering with confidence

Organisations interested in our research can partner with us with confidence backed by an external and independent benchmark: The Knowledge Exchange Framework. Read more.

Case study last modified 14/10/2022

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