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Research Commercialisation

Brunel’s Research Commercialisation Team has responsibility for the commercial development of a technology, invention and other outputs of intellectual property and transferring them into a marketable product within the industry. 

We have a number of academics who undertake groundbreaking research in a range of areas from engineering to healthcare. As all research is analysed by our Research Support and Development Office we may find that a particular piece of research could potentially be a marketable product/service within the industry. We then reach out to our industry partners to see if they would be interested in working with us to commercialise the research and monetise it. 

We support all aspects of a commercialisation process including:

  • Intellectual property protection through patent filings
  • Establishing proof of concept
  • Engaging with market customers to validate and confirm value propositions
  • Producing working prototypes to demonstrate relevance for intended products

The Research Commercialisation Team is staffed by experienced professionals from business, and works closely with industrial partners to develop and add value thorough cutting-edge technology. With access to seed capital, venture capital, business angel and loan finance, it has established both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing agreements with major companies, and has also established a number of successful spinout companies.

For details of some of our existing technologies available for commercialisation please click here.
If you are a business and would like to talk with us about commercialising a piece of research please get in touch. 

Independent Review of University Spin-out Companies

Brunel University London supports the recommendations of this review and welcomes the opportunity to review our approach to commercialisation through spin-outs. For more detail, please read our statement.