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Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research & Development is the means by which your business can partner Brunel in investigating new concepts, processes and develop new products. Funding is available from both UK and EU sources to finance these partnerships, up to 60% of funding is available to support collaborative research projects as they are government-funded schemes that facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise from academia into business.

By working together with Brunel’s academic staff, your business could considerably increase its market share by enhancing the quality of service it can offer in terms of new and innovative products and processes, whilst also allowing your business to expand its horizons through diversification into new areas.

There are a range of commercial benefits in Collaborative Research: 

  • Competitive edge: Utilise Brunel's extensive research base to undertake world-class projects that give your business the edge.
  • Shared cost and risk: Through harnessing the various forms of funding available, the cost and considerable risk of carrying out research & development can be greatly reduced.
  • New ideas & direction: Gain a new perspective on your problems and access to expert knowledge, new methods and emerging technologies that could provide your business with a fresh strategic direction.

Whether you are a small start up company wanting to investigate a new concept or an established multinational looking to engage on multi million pound research projects, Brunel can assist you in finding the right solution for your business. 

If you would like to make an enquiry about Collaborative Research please click here.