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Film learning beyond lectures

Learning happens all around us and in a variety of contexts. As a Film Studies student you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the many practical learning experiences we provide to enhance your experience.  

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to put what you’re learning into practice at Brunel. Although understanding key theory and approaches makes up an important part of our courses, up to 40 per cent of your programme can come from practical modules, where you will be able to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and excellent technical support. You’ll often be taught by figures who don’t just use textbooks written by others but who have helped to define the shape of their own fields and are internationally recognized researchers. 

You’re also never too far from fantastic events and spaces to find inspirations on or off our London campus. From iconic centres such as the BFI, the ICA and Warner Bros Studios, studying within easy reach of Central London is a big plus for you, especially if you’re considering work experience. You’ll have the opportunity to pursue your passion for film in the local area and across the capital.

We encourage our students to work across year groups in order to share experiences and insight that could spark inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here a week or four years you can come together to learn, work, watch within our dynamic film community.

You can find highlights, more information and an overview of just some of the great things we get up to below.

Study abroad

You’ll have the chance to take your learning global with international exchanges to our partner universities in California, USA. You’ll benefit from immersing yourself and your studies in a different new culture, while learning the impact of film in an international context, around the corner from Hollywood – combining to give you an unforgettable experience during your degree.

As well as our film educational exchanges, we also run an annual summer school as part of our wider college. These trips are a great way to gain a cultural insight into the lives and traditions of people thousands of miles away. In 2016 we visited China, in 2017 it was India and we have big plans for the future, could you be joining us next?

Guest speakers

We often invite guest speaks like Academy Award winner Sir Mark Rylance or cinematographer Peter Suschitzky (Star Wars) on campus to share their experiences. This is a great way to get some more insight into what it takes to get ahead in the industry and also network and potentially gain valuable contacts for the future.

Brunel Film Festival (BUFF)

Brunel Film Festival is our yearly event that showcases some of the best talents in film that we have to offer.

A student-led event makes it a fantastic time to not only celebrate the hard work of students like you, it’s also great to come together within our Film Studies community and share ideas and inspiration across the university.

Film in London

Our London campus puts you in the centre of the biggest film and post-production area outside of Hollywood - and we encourage you to take advantage of this! From visits to centres like the ICA or the BFI to supporting you in finding unique or iconic spaces across the capital for your own filming project work, is there really a better location to study film?

Brunel Arts

Finding and pursing interests outside of your course goes a long way to boosting your experience while you’re here. We organise weekly classes, events, concerts and productions throughout the year which include singing, acting, creative writing, music theory, digital photography, oil painting, life drawing, pottery and guitar groups.

Brunel Arts is open to everyone, so is another great way to get involved on campus and meet new people whilst you’re rediscovering a passion for something you love or just want to learn a new skill.  

See how our previous events have gone

markrylance thumbnail video
markrylance thumbnail video

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An evening with Sir Mark Rylance

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brunel film society production thumbnail

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Stage - A Brunel Film Society production