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Global Challenges trans-disciplinary learning

A key feature of the Global Challenges programme is its transdisciplinary approach, where you’ll look at issues and solutions from a wide range of traditional academic perspectives.

As a relatively new way of learning, the transdisciplinary approach looks at how working across disciplines can help solve problems in new ways. However, it’s not just about interactions between academic areas but about practically applying this knowledge in the context of real-world problems or themes.

The transdisciplinary learning guiding principles 

  • It is action-oriented, focussing on addressing real world complex issues
  • It’s a continuously evolving process that goes above and beyond individual disciplines
  • It is collaborative, not only looking at academic knowledge, but how social and personal experience can help build a deeper understanding of our world

The way we deliver the course will likely be different to what you’ve had at school, college or in your previous academic experience. Here you won’t look at the topics and themes on the course from a purely historical, scientific or political perspective like you would if you chose a conventional subject area. You’ll learn across the liberal arts, humanities and social and natural sciences to develop new ways of innovative thinking that will allow you to contribute and make a difference in the world.

We’ve found employers want graduates who are flexible and can apply their knowledge and skills to a number of environments. Regardless of your future goals, Global Challenges unique approach to teaching and learning will prepare you for the ever-changing world of work.

Think outside the box with Global Challenges at Brunel