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Where a Global Challenges degree will take you

Today’s workforce seek graduates who are not only flexible and determined, but also have the awareness and ability to respond to challenges faced in different industries, across an ever-changing world.

Global Challenges is both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science. Having developed skills in scientific and non-scientific fields, our graduates will be able to confidently engage with a range of perspectives, viewpoints and stakeholders.

You will have the opportunity to take part in a short summer internship after your first year as a means of broadening your skills base and horizons. You'll also be encouraged to begin/improve your skills in a second or third language which you can study for free on campus. Placements are available and a key part of the course, allowing you to practically apply what is taught, throughout a number of different industries.

Ultimately, graduates will be able to actively contribute and lead the necessary change needed to respond to emerging issues. You’ll be able to innovate and improve processes in a dynamic manner, and to actively contribute to improving outcomes of employers, or as an employer yourself.

Graduates from this programme will be equipped for roles in a number of industries including, but certainly not limited to, Business and Consulting, Healthcare and Government and Diplomatic services.

Get ready to make a global impact

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