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You'll need to complete the online registration process so we can enroll you as a new student

Before you begin your studies it's compulsory to complete an online registration form through our student portal, eVision.  Once you complete this you'll be able to access the systems needed to take part in your virtual Welcome Week programme.

You will receive an email explaining how to complete the task as soon as your place at Brunel is confirmed. Online enrolment involves completing each section of the online form, confirming your payment details and agreeing to our terms and conditions.  

How do I register?

Log into eVision using your ‘my applications’ username and password

  • Username: student ID Number
  • Password: date of birth in six digit format (DDMMYY)

You will be asked to choose a new password the first time you log in to eVision. If you have logged into eVision previously, for example to track your application, then you will already have changed your password and should use that password. If you have forgotten your password, use the 'forgotten password' option or alternatively contact the Student Centre on +44 (0) 1895 268 268.

Once you have logged on, select 'my Checklist' and complete all sections of the task. The sections will include the following:

  • 'my Personal Information' is where you'll need to confirm your details and the course you are registering for. If your course details are incorrect please contact the Admissions Office before you complete your registration
  • 'my Finance' allows you to confirm how you intend to pay your tuition fees.
  • All students must upload a copy of their passport  to complete the registration process. If you do not have a passport, you can find a list of the other ID documents we can accept here.
  • If you are an international student and you will be coming to the UK, please upload a copy of your passport and visa in colour. If you are unable to upload these documents please complete the rest of the form and email for help.
  • DBS check: Complete this section and pay online if a DBS check is required for your course.

If you are unsure about how to complete the task, please refer to our help guide.

Once you have completed the task and a green tick appears by each of the compulsory sections, we will then review the documents you have uploaded and approve or decline. You will be notified by email if we decline a document so you can upload it again.

You will be fully registered by the start of term on Monday 28 September.

How do I set up my network account?

After you complete the online registration task the 'My Brunel Network Account' task will be available for you complete. This will provide your network account username and email address and allow you to set your network password. For any network account queries, please refer here

How do I collect my student ID card?

You will be asked to upload a recent passport style photograph when completeing your registration form. It's important that you upload a photo so we can produce your student ID card.

Once the University has fully registered you as a Brunel student before the start of term, your card will be posted to your home address (UK only) or you will be notified of where you can collect your ID card on campus. We will notify you closer to the start of term on how to collect your Student ID card.

Registering as a Brunel Pathway College student

Please complete the registration form on eVision, once completed you will need to notify the Brunel Pathway College* (BPC) Student Services Office on

Additional documents needed for registration

 You may be asked for one or more of the following documents to complete your registration process:

  • Academic certificates (if applicable): you do not need to upload these if you are an A-level student who sat all your A-levels this summer and applied through UCAS before the end of June this year.  For all other applicants, please upload a scan of your certificates and transcripts to your MyApplications portal
  • English language certificates *:  if you are an international student or if your offer was conditional on achieving an English language qualification –  you will need to provide these by uploading a scan to your MyApplications portal.
  • Visa if you are an international student attending Brunel: make sure that you have a valid Tier 4 (General) Student Visa for study that covers the full length of your course. If you already have a UK visa, it is important to check that it is suitable for registration before arriving at Brunel. If you have any queries contact
  • Under 18 Consent Form (only required if you are under 18 when your start your course): you will need to return it to the Admissions Office, signed by your parent/guardian. If you will be under 18 and you have not received an email regarding this please contact our Admissions Office immediately on +44 (0)1895 265265.
  • If your course requires ATAS clearance, you will need to have provided the reference number and uploaded a copy of your ATAS certificate in the my Application tab.


If you need any help completing the registration form please contact the Student Centre on +44 (0)1895 268 268 or email