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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (CES, College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University London) presents the seminar on ‘Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility’.

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09:45 Arrival, Coffee & Tea – Hamilton Centre, Darwin Room

10:00 INTRODUCTION TO THE CES Dr Marios Samdanis, Deputy Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

10:10 PANEL DISCUSSION Current developments and future directions in sustainability research Prof Dorothy Yen, Lab Leader: Critical and Responsible Consumption Dr Monomita Nandy, Lab Leader: Global Business, Governance, Entrepreneurial Management

11:00 KEYNOTE SPEECH: RESEARCH PRESENTATION Gender equity: the pathway to sustainable entrepreneurship Nigel Morgan, Professor of Social Sustainability, University of Surrey Sustainability is no longer enough.

We need nothing less than the regeneration of our planet to repair the damage wrought by our extractive and destructive global systems ( and ensure that the needs of all are met within the means of the Earth (Raworth, 2018). Yet this cannot happen without the creation of more equal societies, and in particular, without equity between genders.

We will not achieve the sustainability, let alone the regeneration of our damaged ecologies and environments, nor attain inclusive economic or social sustainability without embracing a decolonised feminist ethics of care.

This keynote will discuss the role of feminist alternative economics (Kalish & Cole, 2022) in creating a purpose economy, which serves people and planet and reflect on the critical linkages between gender, entrepreneurship and social policy and pathways to sustainable futures


How is research, policy and digital technology, contributing to the delivery of whole life value on major infrastructure projects Jeremy Galpin, Social Value Consultancy Lead, Costain Group. Jeremy leads Costain’s Social Value consultancy and believes the reason Costain delivers infrastructure projects is to make a positive change to people’s lives.

Focusing on social value brings a positive impact on the wellbeing of society. Jeremy has worked for Costain for 32 years in a career spanning multiple sectors and major complex projects including the second Severn Crossing and Thames Tideway.

With social value becoming an increasing focus for UK government policy, Costain’s experience in maximising social value, combined with research led best practice, is underpinned by innovative digital technology, enabling systemised tracking and data management of social value, and supporting clients in creating and managing the maximisation of social value.

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