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Evidence based practice

A key strand to our research is focused on Implementing occupation centred, evidence informed approaches into occupational therapy practice for children, young people and families.

We run a number of initiatives to promote evidenced based practice in occupational therapy.

Seminar Series

Dr Carolyn Dunford and team are leading an initiative to identify and prioritise current issues in delivering evidence based interventions for clinicians.  Over the course of this year she is running three events for children’s occupational therapists to get together and share current evidence and to agree on guidance and professional standards on for effective occupational therapy interventions. A key goal of the initiatives is to map out evidence summaries for priority interventions.  Carolyn ran a study day in April for clinicians on interventions for children with cerebral palsy. Prof Iona Novak travelled from Australia to present to the group and facilitate discussions around evidenced based practice.  Recording of the lectures during this event can be accessed here.

West London Handwriting Interest Group

Dr Mellissa Prunty runs a handwriting interest group for local teachers and therapists to promote best practice in the teaching and leanring of handwriting in the local area.  She runs three events a year to share research findings and facilitate discussions in the group about how to implement findings in practice. The group is attended by up to 100 clinicians and teachers and has been running since 2016. 

For more information on upcoming events email westoflondonhig@gmail.com.