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Dr Alan Serrano-Rico

Research supervision

Alan Serrano has supervised many Master’s and a conservative number of PhD students. The list of completed PhD students is below:

1. Piris-Pinilla, Maria Luisa. Completed on: November 2007. Area Health Care IS

2. Daly, Herbert. Completed on: June 2008. Area: Simulation

3. Gutierrez-Mendoza, Anabel Sara. June 2009. Area: IS/Business Alignment

4. Matadamas-Martinez, Jorge. Completed on: December 2010. Area: Word Sense Disambiguation

5. Orozco-Vargas, Jorge. Completed on: January-2011. Area: IS/Business Alignment

6. Petalas, Zafeiris. Completed on: February 2011. Area: Programme and Portfolio Management

7. Hussain Alenezi. Completed on: July 2013. IS Quality

Currently supervising 5 PhD students in the areas of: business intelligence, process ontologies (manufacturing), security in social networks, dissemination models for scientific research, and security in ERP systems.